Who is Carmen Valdivieso Hulbert?

Carmen_Valdivieso_Hulbert_Directora_del_Documental_Uchuraccay  Carmen Valdivieso Hulbert is an investigative journalist who is writing, producing, and co-directing the feature documentary Uchuraccay, now in its final production stage.  Valdivieso Hulbert was born in Lima, Peru in 1950 to a political activist family, during the military dictatorship of Manuel A. Odria. She remembers the first few years of her life as a time of great pressure for her family. A party they supported was proscribed and its members were repressed and persecuted. “We could see the Presidential Palace directly from our balcony, one block away. It was a dark presence during my early childhood, until 1956 when we had democratic elections.” Her education, first in an English school and later with Franciscan nuns, created a yearning for life abroad, mixed with the need to help people of lesser means. She spent her senior year in the United States in 1968. It was during the Vietnam-era that she acquired political awareness, which was further shaped by her college years in Peru’s Catholic University’s School of Journalism. In 1975 she became a news reporter for the national network, Telecentro, and later for Panamericana Television in Peru. In 1985, Valdivieso Hulbert joined the Spanish News Services at The Associated Press in New York, as an editor and translator. In the last decade, she began to train in documentary and filmmaking in New York University in order to achieve a longtime goal to document the contemporary history of her native Peru. “I started investigating the killings of eight journalists in Uchuraccay because I worked with five of them. It was only until I had a dream about the premiere of this film and Willy Retto thanked me for the making it, that I realized I had to make this documentary my life’s work.”


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